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Jul. 29th, 2010


Lady Gaga Creates the New Fashion Storm

In 2010, when we came across something exciting or astonishing, we no longer say “OMG”. Everyone is using “Oh my Lady Gaga”. Without doubt, this should be completely credited to Gaga’s weird dress and stylizing. To stand out in the fashion world, weird design is everything you need. And Gaga’s dress has been considered to be a tool to break out the tradition, and a way to break out herself. For the next party, maybe a Gaga dress is the best prop to get yourself stand out in the crowd.


Let’s take a look at the weird dresses Gaga has worn for walking the red carpet.

Gaga becomes a spirit dollIn 2010 London BritAwards,Gaga wears white tiered dresses and lace mask.

Dress becomes metallic

Silver Outer Space Dress


Jul. 7th, 2010


Kuroshitsuji Charles Cosplay Costume Review

Good day, friends! Here is the product I'd love to recommend to all Black Butler cosplayers. You may see how gorgeous the costume is in the following pictures. All the pictures are taken on actual products, so you will definitely get what you see. If you are interested in buying it, please click here.

Product Name: Kuroshitsuji Charles Cosplay Costume

Wholesale Price: $79.99

Package including: hat decorated by flowers and ribbon, pink dress, white long inner skirt, removable big bow at front, petticoat, a pair of black gloves and necklace.

Material: Pink mesh, white/black/light pink sash, white/black lace.

The beautiful bold bow at chest is removable, and it’s composed of a pink sash flower at middle, and black/white sash tailored ribbon.

There’s small black bow by sash, decorated at the pink dress, and there’s natural ruffles composed. You could also take a closer look at the shoulder straps. You could wear it at the angle you wish, around the arms, or just off the shoulder. It’s elastic, with the neat ruffles.

There’s a layer of black decoration, and beautiful ruffles at the trim of the pink dress, together with the white lace. On the white skirt inside, there’s also 3 lines of beautiful black/white ruffle decoration at the front. And the last round of the ruffles is fully through the back of the dress.

From back of the dress, you could clearly see that the back is by black bandages, with a bold pink bow decorated at the waistline. The pink skirt makes a natural sliding flow all the way to the end of the dress.

This is a close shot of the hat. The hat is decorated by two lines of black lace, and full of beautiful pink flowers at the front half. The pink flowers are of two lines.

This is a better look at the back of the dress, the skirt part.

The removable bow, and the necklace, in similar style of ruffle, pink and white.

The petticoat’s length is depending on the dress’ length. This petticoat is tailored by sash, smooth to skin, and the bottom is two layers, with a mesh layer to help create the puffy feeling. The waistband is elastic and wide, comfortable to wear.

For more cosplay costumes, please click here.


Zentai Suit - the Latest Fashion Trend

Anyone who watched the most popular Avatar would not feel strange about the term "zentai". I believe the beautiful blue skin of the main characters in that movie has left us a deep impression. That's why many friends were disccussing on how to have a nice blue skin just like the charaters. After knowning that lycra zentai has been widely known as the second skin of human body, possesing the exact feature as we wanted, people are trying to search for the costumes over internet and all of this has made "avatar costume" a hot product. Many suppliers of zentai suit have predicted that the avatar zentai is going to be the most popular costume/suit in 2010 Halloween.

So, full body zentai suit has become a welcomed fashion trend. Have you kept pace with it?  Do you have your own zentai suit? Do you know where to get cheap yet quality zentai suits? If not, don't worry. We will give you instructions in this article.

There are many zentai suit sellers online. But the ones who provide quality product, decent price and good services are far few. Luckily, I found one supplier (www.trustedeal.com) recently and got exactly what I needed from them. So I'd like to introduce them to all my friends and hope you can have a pleasant online shopping experience like me.

The zentai suit I purchased from them is Full Body Blue Female Avatar Unicolor Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit. At first, they didn't have a femal avatar zentai suit, so I asked the online support whether they can tailor-make one for me. Linda helped me on this and said certainly. Then I provided them with my detailed measurements and placed the order. Linda doubled confirmed the size with me to make sure that I didn't do anything wrong. That's very considerate of her. 2 days later after I placed the order, Linda emailed me a photo of my suit and ask whether it looks OK to me. The suit looks great in that photo and Linda also took a lot of picture on the detailings. Once I saw the photo, I fell in love with the suit. So I asked trustedeal to ship the suit to me as fast as possible. About 7 days later, I finally got the package and cannot wait to try it on. It fits perfectly.

My shopping experience with Trustedeal.com is quite pleasant. And if you need a zentai suit, do not forget to check it with them. You will not regret.

Jul. 2nd, 2010


Cool Fantastic Four Human Torch Costume

Good news for Fantastic Four fans! Trustedeal.com has just released the new zentai suit if you want to dress like Human Torch!

Full dark blue color with little black in chest, this zentai suit features V-pattern even glides down elbows. Black distinctive finger parts design will be your desire. Check the image below. You will surely love it. 

Human Torch Zentai Suit $70.99

Human Torch Zentai Suit $70.99

More zentai suits can be found at Trustedeal Online Store

Jun. 30th, 2010


The Secret about Zentai Suit Online Store

There are many kinds of zentai suit online sites. Zentai suit, probably more than other types of clothing, is ideally suitable for the internet business. For example, there are a lot of adults who prefer purchasing zentai bodysuit for their partners utilising the namelessness of the cyberspace as contrary to  publically perusing isles of zentai suit in a downtown street store. The warehousing place needed for accommodating inventory of zentai items is also comparatively small compared to other apparel. In addition, the cost of stocking up on zentai suit tends to be more affordable than other forms of clothing while you consider that a lot of of the items can be purchased from wholesalers in bulk.

However, there are a lot of retail merchant who have recognized this, and performing a search for 'zentai suit' will bring up 100s of web sites in the search engine of your choice. These range from the larger, long-familiar companies, to the smaller retail merchant who hope to capture adequate of the market share to make a easy living from it.

So, with so much zentai suit sites already established on the internet, how does a newbie hope to get moving and make inroads into this market? Specializing and searching a niche market is one way. Identify an item of zentai suit that is not main stream, but has a decent market to be able to trade on its own. One advantage of an approach like this is that it is executable to get adequate items to be in a position to sell from stock. This is super crucial as web site can lose clients by not being able to fulfill orders immediately. This can be an issue with zentai suit sites since they promote so a good deal variety in styles that it's not applicable or cost-efficient to stock everything.

How does one choose a particular zentai suit to specialize in? Go to the highly ranked zentai suit sites in search result pages, and glance over the pages for products that do not appear to be main stream, but do appear on all the sites. This is an indication that they do sell, but are not viewed as by the big sites to be their main source of revenue. Finding items with only a limited collection is advantageous, because you are then in a position to offer a good deal  variety of that item in your own niche store.

Having decided what you are going to specialize in, you need to guarantee that your niche store offers advantages to your potential clients that the bigger zentai suit sites do not. Start by offering as much variety as possible. If you have a large collection available, visitors will not have the need to spend time looking at other sites which offer a small percentage of what you are offering, so advertise as many styles and colours as you are able to.

Try and hold stock of what you offer. If you can fulfil an order instantly, you have a much better chance of retaining that customer for future business.

The next thing to consider is the pricing. More big web site* may overprice certain items of specialized zentai suit because it doesn't forge their primary income stream. To that end, they do not need to sell many in order to make a decent return on the items. To acquire these business from them, you need to price your products competitively so that, as well as offering good choice, you are selling them cheaper than the big name sites. This is possible if you are able to buy in bulk which will often give you discounts that enable you to sell your products at prices that still give you a reasonable return.

It's also crucial to design your web site to be appealing to new visitors. Do not over-elaborate. As you are specializing inward a zentai suit product, your web site is probably to be moderately simple and uncluttered. Also, be sure it is easy to navigate and self-intuitive to use for newcomers. Look at implementing features that you think improve on existing sites. Achieve this by visiting mainstream sites and picking out what you do not like about the web site, or what would put you away from buying it. Having distinguished these fields, plan about how you would improve on them, and then implement those ideas on your site. Apparent things to look for, are how the menu/navigation system works, what search facilities are available, and how the images are displayed. With regard the latter issue, don't overload your front page with lots of large images. You need your front page to load quickly!

A couple of final points to  bear in mind. As you're specializing in zentai suit, provide as much information as you can about the items on the product detail pages. A lot of sites only provide minimal information such as a general description and a cost. If you have the time, do some editing on the images that the providers send you. It can be beneficial in affording your site a incomparable look. Visiting the mainstream web site*, you will find that they all tend to use the same images, those supplied to them by the suppliers. This is only a small point, However it can help 'brand' your site if done properly.

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